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Truancy . . . it's not just for kids anymore

I know, I really should be working right now . . .

12 October 1976
I love to chat with old and new friends! Really. It not only lets me meet new people, but enables my procrastination.

Please feel free to comment, even if I don't know you:) I'll be happy to meet you!

A note about friending: I love friends! My only request is that you drop me a "Hi" when you add me--after all, that's what friends do, right? I will probably try to draw you into a conversation. You can ignore that. Sometimes friends do that too. It's ok if you just want to watch and lurk. I have done it and probably will again. But a "Hi" is always appreciated, especially if you friend me ^_^

I am myself generally not that quick to add--please don't take it personally^^; We use the friending function for all kinds of reasons- social, archival, and even, sometimes, as a memory jog. I tend to friend people after several- or even many-conversations, not as a 'maybe I'd like to get to know you better' kind of thing. (I think it's because I'm older?) Anyhoo, welcome! I hope we get to know each other ^_^v