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Another Concert Picspam + mp3 Extravaganza! AAA Taipei. Enjoy!

I have conquered the Zoo, I-80, and 12 hours of rainy driving, and have returned safely to NJ, with most of my pride intact. This calls for a celebration. I bring you AAA Taipei:

So it has come to my attention that I was being too coy and implicit here. The links below are mp3s from the concert that I ripped from the concert dvds, cut in Garageband and re-encoded as mp3s for your downloading pleasure. Please take. It took me about 3 days to do for all 5 concerts, so somebody other than me should be enjoying them.

OK, If you’ve been reading along with these posts, you know that I am endlessly amused/appalled by the launching up of the boys into the air. This concert is no exception.

White and gold trench coats, with a rainbow array of pants:

Which should be horrible, but the behind the scenes shows us it could be so much worse.
It could have been red:

Just in case you are in danger of forgetting who they are: their name is on the costume.

Between that and the eponymous first song, I hope the audience can figure it out.

Sho is the biggest dork ever. And so alksdjflajfsdlkajfl;j endearing that way.

Jun’s tongue in this concert . . .

*Sighs in sorrow*

Again, I would like to say how unattractive this is. I am so glad Jun’s tongue was apparently so exhausted in the two AAA concerts that it was pretty much in hiding for the Time concert.

Worst of all: It’s contagious!

Aiba, please don't give in to this habit. It's . . . unseemly.



Sakura Sake

Return of the Gay Clown outfits!

Sans wigs, It becomes a new brand of special---

still so very gay, but free of the homogenizing wigs, each member is more differentiatable as a particular subset of the gay:

Jun: Gayest cowboy of all time

Sho: Gay cowboy superhero

Ohno: Gay flapper

Nino: Gay pajama party

Aiba: Harder to define: Umm . . . gay stripper? Gay porn star?

A little AibaJun, just because:

Ummm . . . right then.

Ohmiya . . . what the hell are you doing?? Or looking at? Whatever it is, it's apparently fascinating . . .

Inquiring minds want to know.

Watch this if you haven't already, and if you have any ideas about this let me know. It's obviously . . . questionable . . .

Hadashi no Mirai

Lucky Man

Rock Star Attitude: YES PLZ

Um . . . the Cool & Soul performance from Taipei is easily within my top 5 concert performances by Arashi. Despite the fact that they spend a great deal of it sitting behind a table.

I really feel like this performance belongs to Sho and Ohno, though. Both of them really shine, largely because they aren’t really acting in ways we’re used to. Attutude like this from Nino or Jun: sure. It . . . really looks good on Ohno and Sho though.

Also of note: Ohno's voice takes on a really interesting quality in this performance--it's really . . . gravelly? Low and harder than usual. Seriously, download the mp3 below; it sounds . . . kind of amazing. And Sho's part right before they jump up on table makes this my favorite of the live versions of this song. Plus he's wearing a leopard-print hoodie lined in black velvet (see above). That's definitely worth mentioning.

Let's just run through this performance a little:

Feet on the table:

They stand on top of the table.

They. Jump. Off. The. Table.

I think a lot of the charm of this performance is the novelty of them acting like bigshots—shoes on table, cranky faces, loungng around. As a group, they often in performances and television shows are big lovable dorky goofballs not so impressed with their own stardom. To see them hamming it up as big shots who can’t really be bothered in their arrogance and then to have them start jumping off tables and exploding back into dance . . .


They look sullen, which I guess could translate to “cool.” They do a pretty good job of “badass.”

Subtlety . . . is not in Jun's vocabulary.

Things get a little out of hand. Nice shoes though.

Cool & Soul

I Want Somebody

A Day in Our Life

Oooh--Sort of sporty shirts that mitigate potential masculinity with rhinestones and chains on the shoulders. We wouldn’t want anyone to get confused here.

Also, they seem to wear these shirts a lot. It does raise the question of why some outfits return for years and years and others don’t—how do they choose the survivors? Because, while this outfit is fine and delightfully ambiguously gendered . . .the disco clown outfits? I think Johnny owed these boys a ritual burning of those outfits after How’s it Going. I suppose they just had to be satisfied with immolating the wigs.

I would like someone to explain Aiba’s pants here. It’s like the left side has pretensions to being parachute pants and then they basted the top back to the leg to keep it from billowing out. It’s really weird.

Aozora Pedal

Sure, he looks all sweet and innocent. Don’t be fooled by that facade. It is Nino, a lesser incarnation of evil.


I don’t know why Aiba has so much trouble standing in this solo, but perhaps taking that into consideration, the platform is a less than stellar idea.

Also not a good idea:

Itsuka no Summer

I am still impressed by Ohno’s ability to pull off looking this badass and hot in a pink satin jacket:

It is kind of amazing in those hip-roll-undulation-things, that he manages to have that many things moving at once. If you haven’t seen this performance yet, stop reading this right now and go find it. Then watch Rain. Then message me so we can marvel together. It never gets old.

Top Secret

Logically, we all know that red, white and pink crushed velvet suits with pink satin lapels and pockets, silver piping and handkerchiefs, black shiny shirt, and hot pink skinny ties will not ever in any universe look good.
Somehow Arashi transcends this basic truth.

In fact, they defy this truth so solidly that they add chartreuse linings just to thumb their noses at sanity that little bit more.

Oh, and since that wasn’t fabulous enough: purple buttons.

Nino: Why yes, I am an evil bastard pimp. Thank you for asking. *sparkle*

Why is Ohno doing the Otaku Dance?

Um, right, Sho. It’s all about the navel ring.

*cough *

Sakumiya rev each other up:

Like me, Sho is a little confused by the manic look on Nino’s face.

La Tormenta 2004


Kitto Daijoubu

It is clearly a sign that I’ve spent too much time watching Arashi concerts, that when I looked at these suits, I didn't even notice rhinestones over an inch in size for several seconds.

A-and lacy shirts with @#$!%#! cravats? Didn’t even blink

Or are they jabots? I can't remember which is which . . .

R-red satin lining? So they’re a bunch of nouveau-riche vampires. It’s fine


We may be undead, but we’re still pretty.

Oooh, lacy. It’s almost like we’re showing skin. But we're just teasing you.

Taifuu Generation


Probably my favorite Sho solo performance. Though the soulful way he hashes things out with his couch in the Time concert is pretty special too.

Unti Unti

*sighs and shakes head*
We all know he knows better than this.

On the other hand, fire is always a good accessory choice.

There’s just so much wrong going on here . . . I dare you to click on the larger version of this, stare at it for 10 seconds and then tell me with a straight face, that this was a good series of decisions. I will book you with a good therapist.

Tell Me What You Wanna Be

This is still saldkjfalksjdflajsldjfkajjfd;la hot. I don't care about the geek factor.

Let's just bask in the pretty:

Right Back to You

Why is it that ‘hardcore’ for Arashi always involves gold lame??




Shiny Trenches of Sparkly Love:

It’s almost like he’s under water . . .

Too much sparkly to be contained . . .

Kimi no Tame ni Boku Ga Iru


And If that wasn’t sparkly enough . . .

My eyes have been bludgeoned into sumission. Aqua and sky blue? Sure? Silver and turquoise embroidery? B-bring it on. Stripes in the aqua shirt? That’s just for visual interest.


A little Matsumiya:

Um . . Personal space much???

Candidate for most adorable sequence of interactions:

Ohno looks so sad. Probably because he’s being left out.

Kotoba Yori no Taisetsu na Mono

Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi

How in the hell does their hair look this good after that concert?

Sakumiya psychs up for Fight Song:

Ummm . . . guys?

Seriously, people. When Aiba starts to look uncomfortable . . .


A little ShOno, for variety's sake:


Fight Song

Near disaster:

Nino gets possessive:

Pay attention to meeeeeee

Sho apologizes for being too popular with the rest of Arashi:


Kokoro Chirari


Gori Muchuu

Random cuteness:

So. That's pretty much it for the concert posts. At least for the foreseeable. Picspammage will continue, but probably with more reasonable numbers of pictures. ^__^

I hope you enjoyed the fruits of procrastination! Let me know if any of the files are messed up or incorrect and I'll fix them as soon as possible.


In other news, guess what finally showed up in the mail today? I was getting nervous that it might not make it in time. It's . . . even brighter in person.

I-it's almost as fabulous as Arashi-wear . . .

Soon I will wear this in public.

*breathes deeply*

I will try to channel Jun at his most fabulous.


Good Lord; it's almost 3am.

*weeps harder*

*waves and stumbles off to bed*
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