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Huzzah! Evil Undead Paper from Hell has been drafted!! A celebratory Dome post ensues

So, once again, a cracktastic stupid number of screencaps bahind the cut. Also, mp3s from the Dome concert. Enjoy!

Ok, so It has come to my attention that I was being too coy and implicit here. The links are mp3s from the concert that I ripped from the concert dvds, cut in Garageband and re-encoded as mp3s for your downloading pleasure. Please take. It took me about 3 days to do for all 5 concerts, so somebody other than me should be enjoying them.

You can download the entire concert in a zipped file here: MU / MF

The rest of the individual files are in MU since when I originally made this post, I put this on Mediafire, and 3 years later, here I am updating all of the files because they expired. ^^; These should be more permanent. I've checked some of the links randomly, but if you run into a problem with a link, let me know, and I'll be happy to fix it ^_^v

Gold striped jackets, sparkly gold pants, gold-on-gold leopard print shirts, and scarves/feather boas—It must be Arashi!

Group molestation of Ohno--definitely Arashi.

Sho tries to run away from the boa that’s attempting to eat his head, but he can’t quite escape it . . .

Seriously, it’s growing like the Blob . . .

Jun’s boa doesn’t have as much to munch on so it can’t grow as much—however, you can see it grow more fabulous--note the gold sparkliness.

Random cartwheel picture. Because I’m easily impressed. I just now realized that since they’re holding microphones, they have to do it one-handed. Come on, isn’t that just a little impressive?

Um . . . a random picture of Aiba levitating. Because it’s awesome! (it’s official; Aiba has eaten my brain. Like you didn’t know already.)

One reason to love performances of Sakura Sake—they really let loose on the dorkery—and who can’t appreciate that? Seriously, it’s impossible when watching or listening to this song not to break into a big goofy grin. Go ahead, try not to. I dare you.

Does anyone have any idea what you would call the fabric those pants are made of??? What the hell is it? Whatever it is, it doesn’t look very comfortable. And it almost looks like they’re stirrup pants here . . . Johnny wouldn’t do that to them, would he? I know he put them in transparent suits and gay disco clown outfits, but . . . surely he’d draw the line at stirrup pants . . . right? Right??

*weeps *

Ok, I think it was just an optical illusion . . .

*breathes deeply *

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: I much prefer this Jun to the tongue-waggling ‘sex god’ attitude he affects in Cool & Soul. Look how happy he looks. It’s like someone just fed him on Shukudai-kun:



Sakura Sake

Hadashi no Mirai

Lucky Man

Hot Pink and Silver: Together at Last!

Ok, I can go with this aesthetic, even if Sho is going for Gay Space Explorer of the Year and Jun is going with Gay Space Cop of the Year, if only because Ohno and Aiba look so incredible here—actually, Sho does, too, but the shoulders remind me a little too much of RiffRaff’s gold outfit at the end of RHPS:

Random, I know.

Eye Candy!

Ohno seriously looks like he could kick someone’s ass in this performance. As much as anyone in silver and pink with a sparkly scarf and leopard print shirt can be said to look like they can kick ass, anyway. I really love how focused and intense he is in concerts. It keeps him from seeming quite as distracted and spacey as his TV persona seems.

Also, I cannot tell you how much I love Aiba’s kilt-thing.


Asjfljsalkjflskajfjkjef;. Just . . . YES PLEASE

THRILLER! THRILLER NIGHT! (Tell me it doesn’t look like that. And mean it)

SOMEONE PLEASE BREAK JUN OF THIS HABIT. IT IS MOST UNATTRACTIVE. And he’s just too slkjflkajsdflkjlsakjfl; pretty not to be attractive

Jun looks like he just found God here . . . who am I kidding? He just did. God knows he worships Ohno just a little.

Please note that Arashi is stripping down. Still highly encouraged.

Also enjoyable: attempts to make Sho look badass while he wears silver sequins and hot pink insets in his pants.

Check out Nino and Sho in the background. LOL. Love.

COOL & SOUL (Dome ’07 Version)

I Want Somebody

A Day in Our Life

Aozora Pedal

Ok, Nino is too damn cute


Ohno’s solos are always amazing, but this one? Asjdfkjakjflkjsakjfljsjdflkjalds

Holy crap! Nice altitude, Ohno.


Black and gold sequined tuxes should be tacky. Thanks to Johnny’s assault on my fashion sense, this outfit seems not only respectable, but seriously hot. Also I love how they ham it up for their introductions:

This might be a good time to mention how alsdjfajfljlskjdfkljajfek pretty everyone is in this concert.

Good times. That’s Ohno and Nino, by the way.


La Tormenta 2004


Kitto Daijoubu

Love so Sweet

Quite possibly the most normal outfit you will ever see Aiba perform a solo in—despite the gold and black sparkly scarf:

Yep, that’s Tackey & Tsubasa behind Aiba:

The rest of Arashi decide that if T&T get to sing with Aiba, they damn sure will too.
Namida no Nagareboshi

Military chic—Arashi style:
Since it is Johnny’s, the military jackets are made of shiny brocade and come with rhinestone accents:

Now there’s a rare sight: it’s Pensive!Aiba!

This will never cease to crack me up:

*shifty eyes *
No comment at all

We Can Make It!


Ummm . . . I love Sho . . . a lot . . . but sometimes, I really wish they wouldnt let him dress himself.

Also, I would like to tell him that if you’re going for a badass look, maybe gold lame pants aren’t the way to go. It’s like the How’s it Going performance of La Tormenta all over again.

That said, Unti-Unti/Anti-Anti is my favorite of Sho’s solos . . .


What I said about Sho choosing his solo clothes? Goes quadruple for Jun:


I know he can dress himself . . . so . . . just . . . Why???

Tell Me What You Wanna Be

Possibly my favorite performance costumes ever:

As if that weren’t enough . . . Lightsabers??? Really???


I’ve mentioned this before, but lightsabers resting on your body = VERY BAD IDEA:

Grabbing lightsabers by the blade? Ditto.

But who cares; it’s pretty!!

Jun seriously looks like he wants to start something here:


Why isn’t someone writing this???


. . . Texture overload . . . Bright red velvet and satin and whatever those ties are made of . . .

. . . with purple lining . . . um . . . good idea there . . .

Sakumiya . . . so nostalgic


Sunrise Nippon

Asu ni Mukatte Hoeru


Sparkly trench coats!

Unfortunately should any of them try to flash us, they are wearing truly hideous suits under them.

One of the worst layering decisions of all time. Somebody needs to be spanked and sent to bed without dinner.

Not the boys, though. They need to eat more already.

Sakumiya serenade each other . . .

One of these things is not like the others . . .

Kimi no Tame ni Boku ga Iru


Kotoba yori taisetsu na mono

Okay. Up until this point in the concert, nothing really horrified me about the clothes—except for Jun’s solo outfit, but that’s . . . to be expected. But seriously, who thought this would be a good idea?? It’s like the ugliest set of pajamas of all time. Only less comfortable.


Nice, Sho—Aiba barely reacts to the grope. I guess he’s used to it by now.

“I’m smiling again . . . I’M SPARTACUS!!!”
--Watch this, and tell me it doesn’t sound like that . . .

*wibbles *

*wibbles more*


OK, wear whatever you like. You know we’ll just squee at you anyway.

Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi

Leather jackets and jeans—YES PLZ

Rhinestones? Why not? BRING THE SHINY.

Cuteness abounds:

I’ll be honest— While I think Aiba may be the most adorable person ever, he is perhaps not the person I would want to share a shaky ‘hot air balloon’ basket with. It seems a little dangerous. On the other hand, Nino wouldn’t necessarily be a good choice either, b/c he’d shake it just to screw with you. So it was probably a good choice to pair them.

Wisely, Sho focuses on looking up. While not as precarious as some of the Fight Song antics, for someone as afraid of heights as he seems to be, I would think this would be a little stressful.

I notice Jun went solo--because no one in their right mind would want to be in that basket with him:

So when everyone else hits the deck at the end of the song . . . Aiba . . . doesn't.

Damn he's cute when he messes up. A-and his little yellow shoes? *dies*



Fight Song


No Arashi concert is complete without the yellow T-shirts--Wait--White?? OK, sure:

Love So Sweet


The A-RA-SHI mix in the credits

Arashi do their damndest to kill us with the cute:

Good Lord; it's 4:30am . . . Bed now, thanks!
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