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Productivity, Part 2: How's It Going Concert

Here are more of the fruits of my procrastination.

I give you a massive picspam of concert love, accompanied by mp3s from the concert.

Warning: I'm not kidding about the pictures. It will take a while to load. But in return, I give you mp3s.

Flist--I hope the frequency of posts doesn't bother you. I hope the files make up for it:D


Ok, so It has come to my attention that I was being too coy and implicit here. The links are mp3s from the concert that I ripped from the concert dvds, cut in Garageband and re-encoded as mp3s for your downloading pleasure. Please take. It took me about 3 days to do for all 5 concerts, so somebody other than me should be enjoying them.

If you want the whole concert (and to avoid the picspam and cut straight to the chase, here is a zip file of the con on MF and here is a zip file of the con on MU.

No matter how many times I see it, I'm always gratuitously thrilled when they catapult the boys up onto stage with pyrotechnic effects:

I also love how the first costume in the concerts are often really chic (by JE standards), recent feather debacle notwithstanding.

it's only going to get more fabulous from here on out . . .

Also entertaining: The way Nino always looks like he's berating the crowd during the welcome MC:

Sho spends the majority of this set running. Seriously. Each of these shots is from a different dash across the arena:

Something I really noticed here is how much less the boys interact in older concerts than now. I remember reading somewhere that Ohno said the group really gelled on a personal level around 2004 or 2005. It . . . kind of shows here. It takes 3 or 4 songs before you even see them in the same shot, and there's very little interaction at all. Because I saw the AAA and Dome concerts first, where the affection and rapport between them seems so obvious, this makes me a little less fond of the older shows.

Let there be mp3s:
Arashi/Kimi no Tame ni Boku ga Iru
In this case, there was no good place to cut between the two, so 2 songs for one click!

A day in our life

Walking in the Rain

It's nice how everyone gets not only their own color to distinguish them, but also a signature feature --in most cases, an artistically-placed rip-- in their clothes:

Aiba shows off his birthmark:

Sho should be showing off his navel ring, which makes a couple of appearances later, but it never quite peeks out. Not for lack of trying, I suspect.

Nino has strange danglies. I think of . . . knots and things . . . because it's Nino.

Jun gets rips and pretty rainbow lace:

Ohno seems fairly nondescript by comparison. But we do get to see his nice arms. And acrobatics. One reason to love earlier concerts: more flips by members:

I kind of love these pants.

Yay music!

Lucky Man

Hadashi no Mirai

Aiba's Solo: The Boxer with a garter??

Can anyone explain the garter with danglies? Because I feel like there's something I'm not getting here.

On the other hand, this picture makes all better:



Does this outfit remind anyone else of Zach from Saved by the Bell?


Ghei Disco Demon Clowns From Hell
With the possible exception of the transparent outfits from their debut, perhaps the most notorious concert costume in a long career of fabulousness:

Is it just me or are they pretty much just phoning this one in? I’d be pretty pissed off, too, if I were them.

Screw you guys. I have a college degree. I can get another job

Nice Na Kokoroiki

Without the wigs, it gets better . . . Hell, they dragged these costumes out again for AAA Taiwan. I remember thinking they were pretty , , , fabulous when I saw that concert. Had I only known about the wigs . . .

Shinchousa No Nai Koibito

Te Agero
I’m telling you, someone was “High High”


Sho's solo: Because nothing says “straight sex machine” like a white light-weight sweater with white satin pants

Just ask the VTR: the navel ring makes an appearance

Touch me Now

When you really need to send the message that you’re hardcore, Aiba recommends a gold lame down vest and fluffy hair.

La Tormenta

Arashi starts to shed layers. I encourage this.

Holy crap, Nino:

Tomadoi Nagara

Jun's Solo: Gay Terminator or Young Billy Idol?

Oh wait—It’s the Matrix. Right. 2003. Got it.

Don’t Cry

It’s a Disney Princess Toga Party!!


Only love (could make us wear this. Love and loads of fame. And Johnny. Mostly Johnny)

Nino's Solo: He gets normal clothes—sort of—even if his shirt looks like it’s made of old-fashioned pillow-ticking


Tracksuits of the future!

OOOHH team purple shows up

It’s a robot-social!

Easy Crazy Breakdown/ Koi wa Breakin’
Again, 2 songs for 1 click! What a deal.

Post-apocalyptic chic, fabulous firefighters, or some combination thereof:


Fifteenth Moon

Again, stripping down is highly encouraged.

Oh God. Each one is wearing a shirt with his own eyes silkscreened on it. I love this band so damn much.

Sunrise Nippon


Asu Ni Mukatte Hoeru


Ruffly tux shirts--I'm pretty sure I had this shirt in high school.


Classic White Suits –with sparkly shiny shirts, so you don’t forget who you're dealing with

Jun "wears" his version with a . . . certain . . . flare


Kotoba Yori Taisetsu na Mono

Yellow T-shirts : classic end of concert fare
Somehow I managed not to get this . . .

Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi

I'm smiling again . . . I’M SPARTACUS!!!

There’s a whole crew of New Jersey residents who have been trained to yell “I’m Spartacus” in my car when the AAA+Dome Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi comes on. They have also been known to belt “SMILE GAY” on cue occasionally. I love my friends.

Seriously--almost every time--especially the Dome concert. I swear it sounds like "I'm Spartacus!"

Anyway, I hope you enjoy picspam/mp3 spam. More to follow later . . .
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