blew ohno's mind


BOOK CONTRACT ACHIEVED. With preferred academic press. Disaster possibly averted?

So much to dooooooooooooooo.


The last bits of this book will be motivated and powered on Arashi concerts, Popcorn and Beautiful World.


(and someday, I'll be able to get back to actually posting picspams again, fail, self, fail).

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birthday cupcake

In which both Arashi and tea are abused.


Soooooooo . . . long time, no see? I had such plans this summer for posting, and well, hi? On the other hand, I got lots of writing done?

Anyhoo. It's celebration time again, as September 17 YET AGAIN marks not only my wedding anniversary with the Boy, but also the birthday of the splendiferous Zan!

Happy Birthday, Zan!

In honor of this, I decided to picspam once more, on subjects close to both of our hearts:

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Why should I suffer addiction alone? Polish linkspam and picspam :) Mostly Indie brands.

So, I mentioned a polish-spam, and here it is. Because I always try to do too many things at once, a quick breakdown of what is in this post, in case you are dithering over whether you want to click:

I thought, because a few friends have asked (tactfully refraining from openly asking how I afford so much polish), that I would post links to where I usually shop for discounted polishes online, so there are a bunch of links to some of the major discount sites that I use.

Bottle-spam (with mani pics where possible) of the indie/homemade polishes I've bought, with links to places where you can find them, and probably lusting over some hard-to-get ones.

More pics, because if I have a post with fewer than a hundred pics in it, you know I get itchy ^^;

Further discussion of methods of simultaneous concert-watching, and how might be best to accomplish this.

The further adventures of my Sakurai Sho squirrel purse--and his new friends.

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So it seems that there's some interest in maybe having a real-time virtual concert party when the new concert comes out :) If you're interested, what suggestions might you have? We could do gchat, but might not work for people in some countries. There's twitter, and AOL. Does anyone have any suggestions for logistics?

Kitteh Dramaz

Hey there, Flist!

This is mostly a catching up post, with illustrative pics of our convalescent cat.

But seriously. Teh cutes!

Is this not the fluffiest kitteh tail of all time??

Last week, we almost lost her D: A thousand dollars later, we have a rapidly-improving cat, but it's been a harrowing week :/

Kitteh, hiding from mortality in a very adorable way:

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In lieu of a real post, kitteh cuteness

Hey there! I haven't posted in months :/

I'm not in any kind of official hiatus or anything, just swamped with work and life. I'm hoping to start posting again maybe next week or so, since next week is Spring Break! (I shouldn't call it a break--so much writing and grading to do. But no teaching, so yay!) I intend to watch tons of boybandery in the wee hours, since I won't be on a grownup schedule for the week. I . . . don't remember the last time we had a spring break where we weren't hosting anyone, so while I'll miss bitterbee and tzarinap, I'm going to try to make the most of it in boybandery and productivity :)

I've been so far behind in watching things, but today I did see the clip of Ohno, Aiba, Nino and Jun channeling Hard Gay in the birthday TABOO performance and that just made my afternoon :)

Anyhow, if you all remember, the Boy and I adopted an evil cat of manipulativeness many moons ago, and she has been ridiculously cute over the last weekend, and so I post random video of her being cute, in case any of you want to see such things.

I think she thinks she's Tigger

Untitled from flange5 on Vimeo.

*coughs* sorry about the cat-ass at the end *coughs*

Or maybe a Slinky

Untitled from flange5 on Vimeo.

But such cuteness should be shared. Also, if you didn't already know, I have a really high-pitched voice, so I guess I'm sharing that with you, too ^^;

Flist! How are you doing? Any fix recs? I haven't read anything new in ages and have a whole evening of just hanging around to do ^_^v Alternatively, anything else recently subbed or released I should watch right now so we can squee over?
rule 10: more shiny

Adventures in sparkly *and* Rainbow polishes . . . including my first attempt at water-marbled nails

Sadly, the sparkles and rainbows didn't happen in the same manicures

So, since it's the holiday season, new nail polishes are coming out like you wouldn't believe, and an ungodly amount of them are sparkly . . . and since I joined the sparkly rainbow boyband train, I generally fail at resisting sparkles.

My wallet hates me right now.

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rule 12: trauma face

In which the line between a trick and a treat is thin to nonexistent: Shukudai 147

It’s almost Halloween!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, mostly because of the cracktastic potential involved in a day where just about everyone is licensed to dress up as something or someone else.

Morning commute . . . blah blah blah stoplight blah—HEY! WAS THAT A JAWA ON A VESPA???

Let’s just say I have high hopes for Halloween and its awesomeness potential ^_^v

Anyhow. In honor of Halloween, I decided to picspam something with Arashi in ridiculous costumes, because even discounting concerts and Mannequin 5, there’s plenty of material there to work with.

This is totally the least flashy thing they had to wear that week:

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rule 12: trauma face

MOAR of my Favorite Things: Boybandery Swag! (Or, why I shouldn't invite colleagues over, part 2)

Yesterday, my last birthday present, the one I got for myself, arrived in the mail! I had ordered the Arashi Around Asia 2006 Dome concert pamphlet, and it finally got here *flails*

In honor of that, I'm posting probable the next biggest collection of stuff in our apartment--Arashi-related . . . everything, honestly. Because the sparkles pretty much assimilate everything in the brain after a while, all sorts of things get associated with Arashi, just based on sparkliness and color, but most of the unequivocably Arashi swag is kept in what we only slightly facetiously refer to as the 'shrine.'

*cue Angelic pop music*


Though to be fair, the standees are usually stashed away. Having them hanging out in the bedroom would be . . . weird^^;

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rule 12: trauma face

MEMETIME! SPAM SPAM SPAM (since I'm clearly not grading right now)

I grabbed this meme from the always-awesome prenk!

1. Reply to this post with "UMAI", and I will pick five of your icons.

2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
(alternatively, if you don't want to do a meme post, but still want to play, you could just do it in the comments-though that would undermine the never-endingness of the glee, I suppose ^^;)

3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.

4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

These were the ones phrenk chose:

This icon is one of my oldest, made for me by the fantastic blueandflawless, from whom I haven't heard in years, but still think of fondly. I mentioned I was in dire need of an Arashi-themed "LOVE" icon, and she send this my way soon thereafter, along with some other icons which remain favorites to this very day (including the one on this post). This is one of my go-to *hugs*/support/general love icons, and I use it a lot :)

Sho in the interlude dance leading up to RIGHT BACK TO YOU in AAA '06 Taipei. I almost never use this icon for some reason ^^;; I love how Sho fluctuates between elegant and creakily awkward in this interlude, and I love love love his hakama. I still need to make cookies of those costumes . . . someday. I made this icon mostly because I loved the outfit and I loved the red/black contrast in the concert lights but I'm not sure when it would be most appropriate except in some sort of 'Sho is a smooth motherf*cker' context, and how often do we need an icon for that??? ^_~

This icon is of Aiba leaping on Sho's back while Ohno laughs. I have an 'orgy' version, but it doesn't get quite so much use ^^; I get squeeful whenever I see this--Sho looks downtrodden yet happy, Aiba's happy because he's riding a bandmate again *coughs* and Ohno is there having a good time because it's really the best option he's got at the moment, and laughing nearly guarantees it won't be his back. I drag this icon out usually when there's a three-way convo going on, generally between Locky, Zan and myself ^_^v

This is my goofy!Ohno icon of Ohno love. I tend to use this icon when I'm feeling dorky or silly, or if anything having to do with experiments, science, or plants is being referenced. I can't quite remember if this is from an A no Arashi on plants or an Odoroki involving plants. In any case, it's pretty much Ohno being awesome and silly, and that means that this icon gets a fair amount of use ^_^

For the longest time, this was my default icon. I love skeptical!Aiba, and the Christmas Sugoroku Shukudai episode was one of the very first episodes of Arashi TV I ever saw&hearts. It and the Shibata Rie episode still rank amongst my very favorites--Arashi and food, and Arashi and batsu games. I mean, really, what's not to love there? I do love that Aiba got stuck in a reindeer suit on his birthday, that he won a truly hideous designer manpurse in that episode and that Jun attempted to mug him for it on television. I should use this one more often, and since it's heading into legit holiday season soon, I probably will!

So here are my icons! Feel free to play along in the meme, or, if there are any others of my icons anyone would like commentary for, just mention it in the comments. I really enjoy looking at these--some of them I haven't seen or thought about in literally years.


My squee runneth over: Arashi Glitter Nails and Arashi Rainbow Roses! PURE LOVE <3

A brief post of pictures of giddiness!!!

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Flist--what's got your squee on? Do you feel the need for more squee in your life? Just ask, and I will find something to squee about and squee/flail at/with you ^_^v

Because let's face it--squee>grading any day of the week and twice on Sunday