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BOOK CONTRACT ACHIEVED. With preferred academic press. Disaster possibly averted?

So much to dooooooooooooooo.


The last bits of this book will be motivated and powered on Arashi concerts, Popcorn and Beautiful World.


(and someday, I'll be able to get back to actually posting picspams again, fail, self, fail).



In which both Arashi and tea are abused.


Soooooooo . . . long time, no see? I had such plans this summer for posting, and well, hi? On the other hand, I got lots of writing done?

Anyhoo. It's celebration time again, as September 17 YET AGAIN marks not only my wedding anniversary with the Boy, but also the birthday of the splendiferous Zan!

Happy Birthday, Zan!

In honor of this, I decided to picspam once more, on subjects close to both of our hearts:

Arashi and Tea!Collapse )
So, I mentioned a polish-spam, and here it is. Because I always try to do too many things at once, a quick breakdown of what is in this post, in case you are dithering over whether you want to click:

I thought, because a few friends have asked (tactfully refraining from openly asking how I afford so much polish), that I would post links to where I usually shop for discounted polishes online, so there are a bunch of links to some of the major discount sites that I use.

Bottle-spam (with mani pics where possible) of the indie/homemade polishes I've bought, with links to places where you can find them, and probably lusting over some hard-to-get ones.

More pics, because if I have a post with fewer than a hundred pics in it, you know I get itchy ^^;

Further discussion of methods of simultaneous concert-watching, and how might be best to accomplish this.

The further adventures of my Sakurai Sho squirrel purse--and his new friends.

Warning: Crazy amounts of nail polish images behind the cut, as well as shopping links. May cause terminally flat wallet.Collapse )

So it seems that there's some interest in maybe having a real-time virtual concert party when the new concert comes out :) If you're interested, what suggestions might you have? We could do gchat, but might not work for people in some countries. There's twitter, and AOL. Does anyone have any suggestions for logistics?

Kitteh Dramaz

Hey there, Flist!

This is mostly a catching up post, with illustrative pics of our convalescent cat.

But seriously. Teh cutes!

Is this not the fluffiest kitteh tail of all time??

Last week, we almost lost her D: A thousand dollars later, we have a rapidly-improving cat, but it's been a harrowing week :/

Kitteh, hiding from mortality in a very adorable way:

Is anyone else having issues with LJ only letting you upload one pic at a time?? Or am I just a doofus?Collapse )


In lieu of a real post, kitteh cuteness

Hey there! I haven't posted in months :/

I'm not in any kind of official hiatus or anything, just swamped with work and life. I'm hoping to start posting again maybe next week or so, since next week is Spring Break! (I shouldn't call it a break--so much writing and grading to do. But no teaching, so yay!) I intend to watch tons of boybandery in the wee hours, since I won't be on a grownup schedule for the week. I . . . don't remember the last time we had a spring break where we weren't hosting anyone, so while I'll miss bitterbee and tzarinap, I'm going to try to make the most of it in boybandery and productivity :)

I've been so far behind in watching things, but today I did see the clip of Ohno, Aiba, Nino and Jun channeling Hard Gay in the birthday TABOO performance and that just made my afternoon :)

Anyhow, if you all remember, the Boy and I adopted an evil cat of manipulativeness many moons ago, and she has been ridiculously cute over the last weekend, and so I post random video of her being cute, in case any of you want to see such things.

I think she thinks she's Tigger

Untitled from flange5 on Vimeo.

*coughs* sorry about the cat-ass at the end *coughs*

Or maybe a Slinky

Untitled from flange5 on Vimeo.

But such cuteness should be shared. Also, if you didn't already know, I have a really high-pitched voice, so I guess I'm sharing that with you, too ^^;

Flist! How are you doing? Any fix recs? I haven't read anything new in ages and have a whole evening of just hanging around to do ^_^v Alternatively, anything else recently subbed or released I should watch right now so we can squee over?


Sadly, the sparkles and rainbows didn't happen in the same manicures

So, since it's the holiday season, new nail polishes are coming out like you wouldn't believe, and an ungodly amount of them are sparkly . . . and since I joined the sparkly rainbow boyband train, I generally fail at resisting sparkles.

My wallet hates me right now.

But . . . SPARKLY! . . . and RAINBOWS!!!!Collapse )
It’s almost Halloween!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, mostly because of the cracktastic potential involved in a day where just about everyone is licensed to dress up as something or someone else.

Morning commute . . . blah blah blah stoplight blah—HEY! WAS THAT A JAWA ON A VESPA???

Let’s just say I have high hopes for Halloween and its awesomeness potential ^_^v

Anyhow. In honor of Halloween, I decided to picspam something with Arashi in ridiculous costumes, because even discounting concerts and Mannequin 5, there’s plenty of material there to work with.

This is totally the least flashy thing they had to wear that week:

Since one coherent costume is, frankly boring at this point, staff-san had to take it that one extra step . . . Collapse )
Yesterday, my last birthday present, the one I got for myself, arrived in the mail! I had ordered the Arashi Around Asia 2006 Dome concert pamphlet, and it finally got here *flails*

In honor of that, I'm posting probable the next biggest collection of stuff in our apartment--Arashi-related . . . everything, honestly. Because the sparkles pretty much assimilate everything in the brain after a while, all sorts of things get associated with Arashi, just based on sparkliness and color, but most of the unequivocably Arashi swag is kept in what we only slightly facetiously refer to as the 'shrine.'

*cue Angelic pop music*


Though to be fair, the standees are usually stashed away. Having them hanging out in the bedroom would be . . . weird^^;

Honestly, if the office had enough room for them, they would so hang out and encourage me while I finish my chapter on demon mothers and cannibalism . . . Collapse )
I grabbed this meme from the always-awesome prenk!

1. Reply to this post with "UMAI", and I will pick five of your icons.

2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
(alternatively, if you don't want to do a meme post, but still want to play, you could just do it in the comments-though that would undermine the never-endingness of the glee, I suppose ^^;)

3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.

4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

These were the ones phrenk chose:

This icon is one of my oldest, made for me by the fantastic blueandflawless, from whom I haven't heard in years, but still think of fondly. I mentioned I was in dire need of an Arashi-themed "LOVE" icon, and she send this my way soon thereafter, along with some other icons which remain favorites to this very day (including the one on this post). This is one of my go-to *hugs*/support/general love icons, and I use it a lot :)

Sho in the interlude dance leading up to RIGHT BACK TO YOU in AAA '06 Taipei. I almost never use this icon for some reason ^^;; I love how Sho fluctuates between elegant and creakily awkward in this interlude, and I love love love his hakama. I still need to make cookies of those costumes . . . someday. I made this icon mostly because I loved the outfit and I loved the red/black contrast in the concert lights but I'm not sure when it would be most appropriate except in some sort of 'Sho is a smooth motherf*cker' context, and how often do we need an icon for that??? ^_~

This icon is of Aiba leaping on Sho's back while Ohno laughs. I have an 'orgy' version, but it doesn't get quite so much use ^^; I get squeeful whenever I see this--Sho looks downtrodden yet happy, Aiba's happy because he's riding a bandmate again *coughs* and Ohno is there having a good time because it's really the best option he's got at the moment, and laughing nearly guarantees it won't be his back. I drag this icon out usually when there's a three-way convo going on, generally between Locky, Zan and myself ^_^v

This is my goofy!Ohno icon of Ohno love. I tend to use this icon when I'm feeling dorky or silly, or if anything having to do with experiments, science, or plants is being referenced. I can't quite remember if this is from an A no Arashi on plants or an Odoroki involving plants. In any case, it's pretty much Ohno being awesome and silly, and that means that this icon gets a fair amount of use ^_^

For the longest time, this was my default icon. I love skeptical!Aiba, and the Christmas Sugoroku Shukudai episode was one of the very first episodes of Arashi TV I ever saw&hearts. It and the Shibata Rie episode still rank amongst my very favorites--Arashi and food, and Arashi and batsu games. I mean, really, what's not to love there? I do love that Aiba got stuck in a reindeer suit on his birthday, that he won a truly hideous designer manpurse in that episode and that Jun attempted to mug him for it on television. I should use this one more often, and since it's heading into legit holiday season soon, I probably will!

So here are my icons! Feel free to play along in the meme, or, if there are any others of my icons anyone would like commentary for, just mention it in the comments. I really enjoy looking at these--some of them I haven't seen or thought about in literally years.

A brief post of pictures of giddiness!!!

Also, gratuitous squee. If your life is short on squee, click here ^_^vCollapse )

Flist--what's got your squee on? Do you feel the need for more squee in your life? Just ask, and I will find something to squee about and squee/flail at/with you ^_^v

Because let's face it--squee>grading any day of the week and twice on Sunday
First, thank you for all the birthday greetings and wishes&hearts! It's been a really fantastic day&hearts

And Zan! I got your package today &hearts! Incredible timing!!

So, birthdays at our place tend to be all day affairs--we hide presents around the house in evil ways and then cackle as the other person haplessly looks right at them and somehow misses them. I got a nice handicap this year, since the Boy wrapped them in Arashi-colored tissue paper and made sure some of the paper was peeking. Depsite this, I still had trouble with a few. Then there was food! And then more food.

This is not a household that takes food lightly. And yes, that's two different kinds of ice cream *and* a sorbet, because that is how we roll hereCollapse )


So, it's possible I have a bit of a nail polish problem

Every 10 years or so, I go through a nail polish phase, and I'm in the middle of it as we speak. It'll probably come as no surprise to anyone who's followed my cookie or costume adventures that I'm a bit of a color freak and nail polish satisfies some deep color-deprived itch in my soul.

The problem is that there are so many freaking awesome colors and I want them all. And also, I've discovered nail polish blogs, which only make it worse. For example, I already know all the awesome Muppet-themed glitters OPI has coming out this month, the gorgeous holiday glitters Color Club has coming, and that just means that I am already lurking at the beauty stores 2 and three times a week so I don't miss out on the glittertastic fun.

Let's not even begin to discuss how bad for me it is to know about the freaking amazing holographic polishes coming out of Brazil and Australia, the flakies and glitters in South Korea, or the adorable huge confetti glitter polishes in Japan.



Btw, if anyone is up for a polish swap, let me know ^_~ PM me and we can find ways to enable bad behavior all around ^_^v


Arashi fandom has given me leave to not even pretend to have any reserve when it comes to glitter and sparkle. And glitter polish has been MI>very</i> popular the last couple of years, as have holographic polishes--RAINBOWS FOR MY FINGERS.

I assure you, one can look very professional teaching with nails that look like this:

*coughs* About that . . . I swear that inside, it looked sedate, and then I walked outside and BAM. RAINBOW ON MY FINGERS.

Worse things have happened. *shrugs* I did get a laugh out of it though.

Anyhow, in order to keep track of my polishes, and because I am just a bit neurotic about colors, I ended up adopting a color-coded storage system for my polishes:


My plan was that when I ran out of room in a drawer of a color, I wouldn't buy any more of that color until I had used one up or given it away.

Yeaaahhhh, about that . . . last week, I added another white drawer and another blue drawer.

*Whatever. Aqua, Turquoise, and Teal totally deserve their own drawer.Collapse )</>

My nails today: Donna Lippmann Lady Sings the Blues over Misa A Sin Worth Committing

The nails I wore a couple of weeks ago to teach Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

For Faith: Sparkly Unicorn Nails! Suki 122 (YAY! From Zan&hearts) over Sinful Colors Unicorn.

On the subject of Unicorns, I just ordered Unicorn Puke (aka Clairvoyant) this week *flails*

So, now for an important question:

FLIST. What nail polish(es) should I wear for my birthday?????

EDIT Soooo . . . The Boy has bestowed nail polishes upon me for the birthday--one so far, but seeing as he told me to guess a number between 44 and 34o-something and then gave me 119 as the closest to the number I picked . . I'm thinking there's more to come ^^

So I tried a jelly sandwich with it--Revlon royal topped with an iridescent glitter not on the list (NK Magical), then topped with Kleancolor Blind date, a clear polish with multicolored and holographic stars, topped with the Nfu Oh 119 jelly--so I got sparkly glitter and rainbow holographics in? Plus a birthday present!

Nfu Oh bottles are gorgeous, btw--they look like corseted dresses!



I love hearing your nail suggestions, though--I'll try to do them all in the next few weeks--I always dither on what to do next ^^;

So, it's my birthday this Wednesday. Guys, I'm going to be old (am already old, but making it official?). No longer will I be able to cling to being in my "early" 30s. At 35, it's mid-thirties at best, and next year, I will be dancing on the precipice of "late thirties."

Oh the horror ^_~

Anyhow, I said I would post some of my ridiculous random collections, since I am an accumulator par excellence and what better way to kick off my birthday week than by displaying evidence that I refuse to grow up?

So all week, I will be making random posts of my random enthusiasms and favorite things, not all of which are boyband-related. It will be a week of ridiculous self-indulgence and massive picspams. Feel free to pass on by ^^;

Today, I will start off with my ridiculous collection of "action" figures! PIC HEAVY ^^;

But in return, I offer mp3s of the Scene Dome concert?

And they're at the top of the page, so you don't even have to scroll through a pic-heavy post to get to them ^^;Collapse )
Hello, lj people!! It's been forever! Basically, my life blew up early this summer, though it's slowly coming back together and I'm not here to talk about that, but just to post some pics of some cookies I made in early August.

Sadly, almost none of them survived the morning that I took the pictures because of freakish humidity, so if you're into the ephemeral, you can celebrate (or mourn) the fact that within moments, most of these died horrible decapitation deaths.

A preview:

Oh yes, this was fun--can you tell which costume it is?Collapse )

Eeeet eeeees miiiiiiiine!!!

I just bought this awesome puzzle!

Here's a link to a bigger picture for the cuteness!

And this is the one I already had. The Boy has one of a laboratory flask, but I couldn't find a picture of it. Actually, I think it might be this one, but I'm not sure. The artist had a whole set of them in different color schemes, and the Boy's went to his work office and I can't remember which color scheme it was ^^;

Have a link to the general site, for I am an enabler.

Usually, about every Monday or every other Monday new ones pop up. I lurked over this one, as the pictures appear a few hours before the puzzles are ready to buy. They're one of a kind, so you have to jump if you really like one. They're handmade and handpainted and awesome, so the cute ones go fast. The archive of past puzzles is pretty fantastic ^_^v There are random web comic and sci fi fandom dorkeries and all sorts of really awesome images. I recommend starting with the highest numbers (most recent puzzles, and moving back. Say goodbye to your afternoon, and perhaps your wallet ^^;

Also, ladies and gentlemen, our cat, being adorable:

The Compact OED appears to be her new favorite resting place.

In fandom news--NEW CONCERT IS AWESOME. Much BFFery and Aiba, staying on your feet is not that hard. But you know what? That was cute.

Also, ShOhno--Thumbsie is adorable.

So much awesome, I didn't even mourn the lack of new costume wtfery. With bitterbee, I mourn the loss of the black undershirts for the Let me Down set--we liked those. But less scary clown focus on Circus, so I'll call that an overall win ^^; JAPAN: Clowns are creepy. Be aware.

I am a happy fangirl. Will flail more. But mostly wanted to show off awesome puzzle luck.


Totally random, but

I'm pretty sure there is nothing "Medieval" about this skirt:

That is all.

Also, in an hour, I get to hear a talk on the burial, unburial, and, presumably, reburial of one Svein Forkbeard.

How awesome is that??? Forkbeard *chortles*

*goes back to "work"*
So apparently, over the last four weeks, I have made 70 plus cookies.


In any other context, this would not sound all that arduous, but I have to say, I have not actually had a full day off of cookies in 4 weeks.

Until today. It was glorious.

Posting doesn't count. It doesn't smell like sugar. Unlike my apartment, my clothes, and perhaps most disconcertingly, my cat.

The results of 4 weeks, minus 2 cookies I forgot to add:

Dome trenches:

Other concert cookies:

Drama, variety, movie and PV cookies:

Pictured: My cat, picking up my slack by spending quality time with Chaucer while I paint cookies.

Now if I could only teach her to grade . . . Collapse )

DONE! *Dances around the living room*

OMG that only took 4 weeks >_>

Now all I have to do is pack and box all 22 packages O__o

How wrong is it that my 'reward' is to finally drink the curry ramune?

Pictures tomorrow.

Now we are going to watch random Japanese tv and drink and eat cheese and olives because that is how we roll on days of celebration in the Flange/Boy household.

*eyes bottle of ramune with grave misgiving*

Cookiepocalypse update/progress report!

So, since my past post, I have spent a minimum of 7 hours a day on cookies, and I'm still not done. I might finish by this weekend. But I thought I'd take a short break and post my progress.

For those of you who've ordered cookies, I swear, they shall be in the mail soon. Many are done, and most are in progress. I think I only have seven left to do which have yet to be started. Whee!

I . . . may never stop smelling of sugar cookies. Oh well. People pay money to smell like cookies all the timeCollapse )

Fundraising for Japan Tsunami relief

Hey there.

I know many of us are reeling from the events in Japan. As you may know, arashi_on is holding another fundraising effort much like the one for Haiti here.

I'm participating by offering picspams and/or cookies to order here, so if you're interested, just leave me a comment there.

Those of you I've promised cookies/spams already, never fear, for Spring Break is upon me and I am already working on them ^_^v

This weekend, I had an awesome fangirl fest&hearts

zukkii bussed in from her hometown and we cleared up some shocking gaps in her fangirl portfolio—Before she got here on Friday, she had only seen two concerts—Time and Scene.

Clearly this was a situation that needed immediate action. Thus, we embarked on a plan to watch all the other concert dvds, plus Suppin.

I am sorry to say that this did not quite materialize to its fullest extent. At 5am Sunday morning, we gave up on the encore disc of 5x10.

On the other hand, we had made it through Suppin, How’s it Going?, Iza, Now!!, AAA Taipei, AAA Dome, AAA08, and the main disc of Kokuritsu.

I call that a good weekend’s work ^_^v Though I need to catch up on my sleep.

There were all sorts of random giggly moments and minor fangirl epiphanies. For example, I had never noticed somehow that the yellow puffy vests in the How’s it Going La Tormenta set have gold holographic letters which spell Arashi ^^;

Who knew?? How did I not know??

How sad is it that after the first moment of 'How the hell did I miss that???' my second thought was 'You know, I have gold holographic edible glitter, and I could totally cookify this'?

Nino is not impressed by my powers of perception.



Hey there flist&hearts

I've been sucking at posting lately, and now I post only to ask a favor:

Does anyone know where I can find a RAW of MMA 99 (2007.04.07)?

Arashian Files has let me down, even with the joys of the WayBackMachine, and one of the parts from wizardwinds' files on onlyarashifiles has expired, since it's a MF file.

My completist heart is seriously irked that I can't find this one. Any advice for an obsessive hoarder of files? I can offer my never ending love in exchange&hearts Or you know, a picspam. Or a cookie? I'm planning on baking again soon . . .

Real posts to come this week ^_^v
Sho has quite a reputation to hold up. In reality, one might say he has two reputations to hold up. One is the dignified image of the scion of a prestigious family, the well-educated newscaster idol. And that's a pretty lofty public face.

And then there's the Sho that fans see 96% of the time. Captain Failboat. Fail!Sho. The man who has, over the years, accumulated a shocking number of broad areas to fail at: cooking, sports, confessing, drawing, strength, flexibility, tumbling, yoga. At times, it seems like the only things he's strong at are eating and failing.

In choosing a post with which to celebrate Sho's 29th birthday (shush, there are still 5 hours left of it here, I had to make a fundamental decision: do I show off Sho's fail, or his win?

But then I thought, why choose when we can have both at once?Collapse )


This post brought to you by Jun, who really knows how to appreciate a squirrel&hearts

. . .

In other news:

&hearts My hard drive has been resurrected \o/ Apparently, it wasn't the drive at all, but the enclosure which had died. *flails*

&hearts I just found a pile of Christmas and New Years cards sent while I was away--my cat knocked them behind the cabinet >_< I swear, I'm not really a rude ungrateful person! Thank you so much!! I am really lucky to have such a lovely and generous flist&hearts

&hearts Saw GANTZ at local theatre last night. Really inconsistent and terrible dubbing, but really fun and visually attractive movie. Can't wait for a subbed version to be on the market. The interviews at the end were fun, too, despite terrible and borderline creepy-rude MC :P

&hearts Plan to watch all concerts in preparation for the Scene Kokuritsu. Anxiously awaiting news of what seems to be an increasingly likely Scene-Arena concert (otherwise why would the current one be designated with a "-Stadium" in the title?). Near giddy in anticipation of the utter ridiculousity of Aiba's solo costume. WANT NOW. Boy and I have added new special rule to concert drinking game involving the use of design elements in a costume requiring electricity.

&hearts Am full of general love for sparkly boyband and flist, despite terrible communication skills I blame on the beginning of semester. I will catch up on comments, PMs and emails this weekend, I swear ^_^v

It's kind of amazing how Christmas Eve has become permanently linked in my mind to Aiba&hearts

So in honor of Aiba's birthday, I present what has been heretofore the most difficult of the cookie excursions:

I'm not sure Aiba would consider these cookies that great of a birthday homage, but nevertheless . . . Collapse )
Well, we've accomplished the first two stops in our Texas --> Missouri--> Illinois--> New Jersey--> Maryland--> Texas Christmas roadtrip \o/

Thus, I am ensconced in my parents' living room, sucking all of their internet to replace as many of the files I lost when my master hard drive died last week >_<

Luckily, I had a backup drive, but I was an idiot and hadn't backed up since March, so . . . let's just say I am going to be downloading frantically for the foreseeable future ^^;

Add that to the end of the semester and holiday craziness, and you'd think I'd have had plenty to keep me busy, but the way my brain works is that lots of stress requires much procrastination, leading to more stress, and thus more procrastination.


In other words, I did some more baking. And then I was up until almost 4am cleaning the kitchen before a cross country road trip, because I'm special like thatCollapse )
So, after the fun of my test batch of Arashi cookies, I decided that since I had a 4 day weekend for the holiday, I was going to put it to good use.

I assure you, 'to good use' did not involve grading the 33 papers currently sitting in my officeCollapse )
About a month or so ago, I was at a grocery store with a couple of friends, one of whom was the recently-baited T, and, in the baking aisle, we ran across this:

Nothing all that special--decorative sugar in a messed up blend. It was evidently supposed to be a purple batch, but pink from another batch apparently got mixed in.

Nothing special, right? Except that we had seen AAA Taipei a week earlier, and in that context, there's really only one place for this post to go.

Not here. Not quite. At least not yet. But this was the catalyst.

I stared at the sugar, transfixed, until T and our other friend noticed and came over. T got the point almost immediately, and poor Anne ended up watching AAA Taipei and clips from about 4 other concerts that afternoon, poor woman.

But actually, this post isn't about that. It's about the other notable result of a colored-sugar mishap.

I have the sneaking suspicion that at some point in the future, this post might be used to diagnose me ^^;;Collapse )
Arashi often seem to have a somewhat complicated relationship to food: They clearly love to eat, yet many of their televised food encounters verge on the horrifying--attempts to present the most stinky, most spicy, most bitter, or, perhaps most frighteningly, the most ancient of foods to be eaten publicly for the entertainment/trauma of all bystanders.

Arashi fans, however, have no such ambivalence about Arashi and food. Tiny twinges of sympathy drown in hilarity, and all it takes is for Ohno to say "Umai," regardless of facial expression, for our collective conscience to be eased.

I think one of the things I love most about AnS 118, is that for much of the episode, Arashi gets put into the food spectator position, watching with mingled horror and hilarity as someone else eats.

Rest assured they will eat, too.

The other things I love most about this episode?

Arashi eats. A lot. Also, Arashi turns on the love. A lot.Collapse )

I can't believe it's October already *___*

On the downside, midterms to write and then grade, but on the upside, it's actually gorgeous walking weather \o/ So we'll call it a fair trade ^_^

I love fall&hearts

It's weird having moved to a place that doesn't really do autumn--no leaves turning and falling, no blustery days and leaf-burning, no bonfires with marshmallows.

Instead, there's all the manufactured seasonal cheer: people decorating their houses with festoons of fake leaves from trees that don't grow here, Halloween decorations that look out of place on leafless irrigated green lawns, and pumpkins and squash all over the place as yard and home decorations. Pumpkins and 90 degree weather seem not to belong in the same day.

Happy fall! I'm going to mull some spiced cider BECAUSE IT'S FALL. And maybe then I'll just go and mull some wine. And then I'm going to buy some caramel apples. And caramel hot chocolate.

Because, yes, IT'S FALL &hearts

Even in Texas.

September 17 is an awesome day&hearts It's special for all sorts of reasons that make my heart squeeful:

First, as the picture above suggests, it's the date of AAA Taipei, which is pretty spectacular.

Second, it's Zan's birthday, and she is pretty damn awesome.

Finally, it's my wedding anniversary&hearts The Boy and I have been married for five years as of today&hearts

Happy Birthday, Zan!

Happy Anniversary, Boy!

In honor of this special day, I bequeath upon you ridiculous sparkly marquee hearts^^; And heaps of love&hearts

Also, a picspam of OhMiya and a wedding, because it seemed perfect to the occasion ^^;Collapse )
Eleven years of Arashi!! I always think of this date as the Arashi anniversary that makes the biggest impression on me, rather than the release of the first single. Five incredibly young guys on a boat off of Hawaii probably wondering what this was going to mean in the long run.

On the other hand, I'm willing to celebrate any number of anniversaries. Any excuse to flail is a good thing.

So, I've been baiting a friend into fandom lately, and one of the side effects of this is that I get to watch all sorts of awesome boybandery, while trying to decide what things are absolutely necessary for a new fan to be aware of.

Thus, I have had a week of phone calls and emails like the following:

Monday: You know, it's impossible to stay angry about anything when the boys are on iTunes . . .
Tuesday: Go outside! There's a rainbow&hearts
Wednesday: I hate you so much right now. I stayed up until 4am watching HYD and now I have to go to work.
Thursday: I made mabo tofu for lunch today! It's delicious!

What I love about this is that she's already falling into that pattern of fandom where everything around you seems to take on sparkly rainbow associations: colors, weather patterns, video games, foods, plants, places, mascara: you name it, sooner or later, if you've hung around in this fandom long enough, it rarely takes more than one degree of separation for you to make a connection to Arashi.

Random association, pictures, and screencaps ahead. Expect little to no coherence.Collapse )

So, in the interest of fun silly Arashi birthday hijinks . . . I was thinking we could build a mini catalogue like this:

1) Anyone can name a category in a comment and/or add specimens to the thread of an already-listed category.
Pictures, explanations or anecdotes optional, but welcome!
2) Alternatively, put up a name or picture of something and request Arashi associations that come to me or anyone else who sees this post.
3) ????
4) Profit (in the form of fun)

Anyone want to play and distract me from work? I'll throw in a couple of random obvious categories, but feel free to add whatever comes to your mind ^_^

. . . or you can just drop by and chat, if you don't feel like playing ^^;
OK, so it's not the 30th in Japan anymore, but still is here, so . . . a post for the birthday boy!

It's been Arashi fest lately at the Flange-Boy household, for a couple of reasons, namely that I am in the process of baiting a friend pretty seriously into the rainbow sparklies and that Jun's birthday was coming up and it seemed a good excuse to start posting again, since I've been so truant lately ^^;

(You know you've been away from LJ too long when friends start PMing you to make sure nothing bad happened to you. When this happens 3 times in a week . . . ^^;)

What with the baiting and vetting all sorts of possible subjects for picspammage on Jun's day, we've seen just about every flavor of Jun one could imagine: sexy, petulant, pitiful, wibbly, angry, scary, prim, OCD, goofy and giddy.

All of those options, and this is what I'm posting on.

Jun: Am I really wearing this in front of tens of thousands of people?


My apologies to the MatsufabCollapse )
So it's our last night in Osaka, and tomorrow we head out to Matsumoto and Nagano.

Boy: You know what we should do?
Flange: Oh, hell . . .

Boy: We should totally go back to Mandarake, buy the standee AU ad, and prop the Jun side up and take pictures of him at Matsumoto castle . . .
Flange: *strangling noises*

Boy: and if we can't find a place for it at home, we could just sell it on eBay

*crickets chirping as both of us contemplate this*

I . . . don't think this is going to happen . . . right? It's not.


But now it's got me thinking about that damn ad again. And it is from the 'if I weren't in Arashi" ad series, as Ohno's in his suit, and Nino in his work uniform, etc . . .

I so do not need this thing. I don't.


Click on this picture for the true horror awesomeness:

Ginger parfait? Soy sauce parfait? Kuromitsu milk matcha jelly parfait? Black pepper cheese parfait?

I wussed out last time and got the Mango ramune, but there is time to correct this error . . .

Sadly, I will not be having any of the "curious" parfaits, as they are all critter-heavy:

I see things like this, and I really miss Shukudai.



Kimchee ramune. It says something for how much I hate eggplant that this was the preferred option. I will probably drink this tonight, so wish me well ^^;

Tomorrow, Matsumoto Castle, Boy's choice. Farewell, Osaka--you were an awesome base of activity ^_^
Sooooo . . . who's a procrastinating procrastinator who procrastinates?

*raises hand*

So. The semester is over, the conference is over, I'm going to Japan in exactly seven days, and I have around seventeen hundred and three things to do before we go. Clearly, it is the perfect time for me to do a post.

Actually, it's about a month late, since I promised sunnydreams416 a birthday post in April >_<

The bright side of this is that I get to procrastinate and yet still feel virtuous ^_~ Thus, I've clawed myself up from underneath a pile o' stuff to do so I can post at least once more before I leave ^^;

Speaking of leaving . . . . Collapse )
This this this.

I kind of want to try this with my stack of newly-minted student papers, which I am now imagining covered in Thin Mints.

I thought I would spread the amusement.

Is it just me, or are we all still riding the high of a new concert, new single, new TV shows, and the Arashi 65 hour marathon on NTV? I like to think that in some small way, fandom is being compensated for the lack of Shukudai. Or something like that, anyway. ^^;

Speaking of things past, it was lockability's birthday this week, and what better way to commemorate it than with the sparkly?

With that in mind . . .

How long has it been since costume disaster spam?

The correct answer is always TOO LONG.Collapse )

Whee! Concert mp3s \o/


The Boy and I had fun watching the concert last night, though my hard copy hasn't gotten here yet.

As is my wont, I ripped the audio from the new concert and spliced it into the songs to keep my iPod happy. I have them listed individually and as zip files for the entire concert track list. Enjoy!

And many thanks to zomboid for sharing the files so quickly and letting me use them to do this&hearts

Here be links!Collapse )


So as of Monday, Arashi no Shukudai-kun, and thus an era, is over. I've heard some promising things about the new show, but the burning question I have is, of course, will there be food???

It's an Arashi show, so I find it difficult to believe that they won't work in ridiculous foods and perhaps Aiba's . . . creativity with food-like substances at some point, though that may perhaps be my own wishful thinking. I like to think that someone has thought about how to replace Arashi's weekly feeding schedule, after all.

And seriously, I can't imagine a world in which Arashi fans are deprived of Ohno's "Umai!," Sho's "Maximum" and general overreaction to food in general, Aiba's gleeful plunge into the heart of culinary darkness (Aiba, you really tried to pickle cream puffs??), Jun's food-joy and occasional bouts of "Oh hell no," Nino's skillful avoidance of food, and the joys of 5 grown men randomly feeding each other to chorus of ecstatic squees of fans on at least 5 continents.

So, I firmly believe that in some form, this Arashian tradition will continue, even if I don't know exactly how.

But in honor of that glorious 3 1/2 year period where, with few exceptions, we were regularly treated to Arashi abusing and, more frequently, being abused by "unusual and delicious" foods, bitterbee and I spent the better part of the last week attempting to recreate some of the more memorable foods featured on Shukudai, or at least the ones two vegetarians who are not master cooks could approximate.

And we survived! And took pictures!

Of course, this necessitated bribing a science grad student friend for the loan of the requisite lab coats.

>_> It takes a special kind of dork, I guess. Dorks with connections.

Some of my friends requested recipes, so I'll be including them along with the pictures, our observations, and identification of the reference episodes. Since it's likely to be a long post, each food item/category will be hidden behind an lj cut.

Our schedule, which was not entirely adhered to:

Natto experiments (AnS 9)Collapse )
Mixed foods (AnS 20)Collapse )

Habanero chocolate cake (AnS 88)Collapse )

Avocado Chocolate Shake and Avocado Rice (AnS 17)Collapse )
Aligot (AnS 50)Collapse )

Potato Chip Cabbage Donburi (AnS 94)Collapse )

Kimchee extravaganza (AnS 15)Collapse )

Dessert gyoza (AnS 23)Collapse )

Cabbage Matcha Millefeuille (AnS 88)Collapse )

Dessert Tempura (AnS 23)Collapse )

Oh yes.

That is all.

By which I mean that after 5 stores in two cities, I have acquired kuromitsu \o/ Sure, this entailed a 150 mile round trip last Saturday, but I always like trips to Austin, especially when it means serious procrastination, seeing as I had to finish writing a talk that I gave today. My procrastination wins--I actually only finished it last night ^^;; But it's done, and bitterbee will be here in a matter of hours so that we can recreate AnS foods, watch bad drama and concerts and generally be ridiculous together while I pretend that I don't still have 42 papers to grade over what we laughingly call a Spring "Break."

So recently, I ran into these candles on ridiculous sale at Marshalls:

Despite the unfortunate packaging, I think we all know how this ended. By which I mean "Flange went home with about a dozen packets of colored-flame birthday candles." I now have to decide what to do with them ^^;

In any case, I find them highly amusing, and was thinking about them the other day, because it was inuhariko's birthday, and if anyone is deserving of a sparkling shiny rainbow birthday cake of tastyness, it's her&hearts

In lieu of that, however, I offer a picspam of Ohno making awesome faces, eating food, and having Nino and Sho hang all over him. I hope you like it!Collapse )

In other news, in a mere two weeks, bitterbee is coming by for her annual Spring Break visit, during which we will watch ridiculous dramas and Arashi concerts, and, in honor of Shukudai's . . . graduation, we're going to recreate some of the food disasters items from the show, and I'll probably end up taking pictures of them and putting them on my LJ at some point.

So, keeping in mind that we're both vegetarians (this includes fish and seafood, but not dairy or eggs), what suggestions do you have for us to try to make?

Right now, we're looking at the tempura experiments from the first Fukada Kyoko episode, as well as some variations on the chocobanana gyoza from that episode, and several of the natto experiments from episode 9.

We're open to foods from other Arashi shows as well ^_^ We have a week over which to spread this, so it should be highly amusing ^^


Why yes, that's a reproduction/revision of a 15th century French Lady and the Unicorn tapestry (À mon seul désir), made up entirely of Lite Brites. Obviously, this needed to be done. There are some more pictures of it here, and some commentary by the artist, which is sadly, a bit pretentious, but the pictures are worth it.

And then I found this, which amused me to no end.

Ah, my childhood&hearts And until about 5 minutes ago, I didn't realize that Lite Brites were still being sold.

I will now go back to reading and nursing my stupid twisted ankle, a gift courtesy of some unknown student who spilled a drink in my building and left it there waiting for me to have a really spectacular fall with a (mercifully) small audience on the way to class. It was really embarrassing to hobble into class, people. It's probably a good thing I don't know who it was :P

I may have to wash my hands of this semester, because I have clearly irked someone important up there >_<



Bah. I'm sick. Flu-sick. Getting out of the shower only to go back to bed for 3 hours because a shower was so much work sick.

Did I mention "bah?"

Of course, the only possible response to this was to watch lots of Shukudai and try not to think about the fact that there are only a few more episodes coming >_<

And since tiny_hydrus had mentioned this episode recently, I rewatched it, even though it's more recent than most of the episodes I generally post on. And I am so glad I did&hearts

Whenever Arashi has a newlywed, male or female, on the show, it always becomes a bit of a free-for-all as the boys ask questions ranging from mildly to wildly inappropriate and intrusive, and it always cracks me up as I watch the guests slowly realize that they signed themselves up for a potentially surreal conversation.

Actually, to be fair, this is likely the response of most guests, regardless of marital status.

*remembers Nino and Aiba mercilessly quizzing Muroi Shigeru about girls' breast development in AnS 8*

Anyway, these quizzes of the newly blissfully wed are always fairly awesome for essentially 2 reasons:

1) Arashi inevitably invite comparison between married relationships and relationships between members in the group.
2) This leads to ridiculous amounts of fanservice, both deliberate and sometimes . . . questionably deliberate.

Sho: W-wait. Married people don't take baths together? Hell, *we* do. Actually, doesn't everyone? *wails*Collapse )
In a sinister convergence, at this very moment, it's both tiny_hydrus's birthday and Sho's even though their birthdays fall on different days. How awesome is that?

Happy birthday, tiny_hydrus &hearts!!

This year, I vowed to actually post when it was still tiny_hydrus's birthday. We'll see how that goes ^^;;

I can totally finish a picspam in 3 hours, right? And there's *gasp* no food segment, so it might actually happen^^; What possible interest might I find in 23 minutes of AnS without a food segment??


Click for pretty boys in aprons on their hands and knees, among other thingsCollapse )
For some reason, the beginnings of semesters always depress me a little, even though my classes look like lots of fun, and around half of my students are two and three-time repeaters, which is also pretty awesome. It’s probably because of those long lists of things I swear I’m going to do during the break and then, predictably, don’t get done, like researching an article or properly prepping the first weeks for class so I don’t reel about like a drunken sailor trying to get my footing right when the class starts.

This semester is no different, and my way of combating new-semester blues is also no different: I watch lots of concerts and some of my favorite episodes of Arashi hilarity.

So while I was doing this, I revisited an episode I picspammed way back when I first started posting two years ago, and had just figured out how to insert pictures and take screencaps and all those other things I now procrastinate with instead of rereading Geoffrey of Monmouth’s History of the Kings of Britain again.

Sorry, Geoffrey. This needed to be revisited more. Twelve caps? That was just wrong.Collapse )
Guys, my floor is cold. I pretty much couldn’t feel a couple of toes earlier *__*. So it was Sven the microwavable foot-warming frog for me, today ^^;

Meet Sven. He’s a fan of AAA Taipei Cool and Soul, if you can’t tell.

Anyway, in honor of the plumber coming and returning the Boy and I to the blessed land of hot water again *shakes fist at frozen water pipes* I decided to cap an episode of Shukudai with plenty of heat&hearts

A quick warning: this post is picture-heavy, even for me. What? It’s Arashi and hot peppers.

And by heat, I mean ‘excruciatingly painful food'--the kind that makes both Sho and Jun rude to guests ^^;Collapse )

It’s Aiba’s birthday in Japan already, and will be here later tonight, likely before I finish this post, even ^^;

You know that thing where members have mentioned how Aiba’s birthday has eclipsed Christmas Eve in their minds.

There are actually lots of reasons why this totally makes sense.

For instance, I love that KFC is for some reason a Christmas food in Japan. I seriously amuses me about the whole nation eating Aiba’s beloved fried chicken on his birthday, too . . .

There’s also something kind of wonderful to me about Aiba’s birthday falling on Christmas Eve. It always reminds me of the legend that on Christmas Eve at midnight, animals can speak in human voices ^_^ How appropriate for Aiba ^_^

If I were them, though, I wouldn’t speak to Aiba if he were dressed like this . . .

. . . even if it *is* his birthday.Collapse )
*crawls out from under pile of work*

So I’ve been feeling inspired lately by onlythepresent’s project of watching G no Arashi in sequence, an episode a week, and decided to watch Shukudai from the beginning with the Boy, since he’s missed lots of it, though we won’t be watching it nearly as regularly, I expect. So we rewatched episode 1 this week!

You know how we could tell from the beginning that this show was going to be awesome? Because they fed Arashi twice in a single week.

Will wonders never cease?Collapse )
So, you know, since my flist isn’t inundated enough already . . .

Happy Birthday, Ohno&hearts! May you enjoy another year of fishing, dancing, singing, painting and smirking&hearts

And though she’s been awfully busy and probably stressed out, a very happy birthday to kegom&hearts Come back and play with us when you have time again&hearts

There's something pretty awesome about Ohno's birthday falling on Thanksgiving (for the US, anyway) this year ^_^ I know I'm feeling pretty thankful ^_^

So for Ohno’s birthday, I decided to cap one of my favorite Mago Mago Arashi episodes of all time, partially because Ohno is so freaking unrelentingly adorable in it.

Yes, I know that calling Ohno adorable is like calling water wet, but bear with me. One of the great things about Mago Mago Arashi is that the format pretty much requires Ohno to step up and be a little more present, since he’s often going to be interacting one on one with a grandparent.

Also, that grandparent is likely to be a grandpa, and it’s no surprise that Ohno, old man at heart that he is, gets along really well with the grandpas.

And in this episode, it pays off. In food.Collapse )


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